New : The birth and the life of our universe, essay, André Lefebvre, Fondation littéraire Fleur de Lys

The birth and the life of our universe, essay,
André Lefebvre, Fondation littéraire Fleur de Lys

The birth and the life of our universe
Fondation littéraire Fleur de Lys,
Lévis, Québec, 2017.
Book size 6 X 9 inches
Perfect Binding
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In this book, you will find the story of the universe start, not from today like science describes it, but from its beginning according to the Big bang theory; which will become an indisputable “fact” after reading this book.

Surprisingly, with this approach, the overall history of the universe becomes a lot simpler to understand. The reason is rather simple: quite a bit of illogic “imagined solutions” such as dark matter and dark energy, merely disappear by themselves.

The first improvement given to the story is caused by the fact that we have to provide much more importance to the “space” factor than to “matter”; which is the contrary of what is done in science. The reality is, and everybody will agree, that there’s a lot more “space” in the Universe than there is “matter.”

The second improvement is that, even if we live in a “space-time” universe, we have to accept that “space” is not equivalent to Time and that both, very logically, weren’t “born” at the same moment. Which means that you will find in this book the exact date of the Big bang which cannot be at Time = Zero.

Thus you will discover the real “relation” between Time and Space; which becomes unquestionable during the exposure of the universe’s evolution.

In conclusion, you might find astonishing that the upcoming of the universe is not that difficult to understand, even when you start with “nothing.”



  1. Conception and birth of the universe
  2. Alteration of space metric, or rather of time metrics?
  3. Time metric or space metric?
  4. Fundamental particles
  5. The confinement phenomenon
  6. Electromagnetism
  7. Tau, Muon, and electrons
  8. Mass and weight
  9. Scientific D-day
  10. Electronic shells (energy levels)
  11. Creating atoms
  12. Deeper, we cannot go
  13. Gravitational “tidal effect”
  14. Lagrangian points
  15. Small revision
  16. Making of planets
  17. Too much mass energy pushes you into a black hole
  18. Gravitational waves
  19. My mind is still struggling
  20. From the Kepler spacecraft
  21. Black holes
  22. Time metrics
  23. Solution
  24. Scientific vocabulary precisions
  25. Time anchor
  26. Simplification
  27. Geometrical explanation
  28. Deviated trajectory
  29. Accumulation of energy by rotation

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Men have been studying the sky for thousands of years, and we still are today. Since a hundred years or so, our technology has permitted us to survey the sky even deeper; we now can scrutinize deep space.

But one sole evidence stems from all that sum of observations: We always have been perceiving the same things since the beginning. And all that we’ve seen amounts up to volumes and trajectories. Ancient civilizations made interpretations of what they saw, and we do exactly the same. Only the interpretations are different; probably since we have a different way of thinking; because ancient scriptures certainly don’t prove that people of ancient civilizations were less intelligent than we are.

Our scientific way of doing research managed to give mathematical values to our interpretations. Today, to follow these scientific arguments, we need advanced mathematics. But we all forgot one important fact which is that all we’ve seen since thousands of years, are strictly volumes and trajectories; in other words, geometry topics. So, normally, Geometry should be able to explain everything we observe in a way easy to understand for everybody. I, actually believe so.

The following will be my proposal on how to explain the laws of physics, by unfolding the complete history of the Universe to a child, whatever his age is.

I say “to a child” in order not to upset scientists or religious who think that it is impossible to explain the Universe without the help of either advanced mathematics or unwavering faith. They could be right, mind you. But knowing that, not even too much advance maths can prove by A + B that by subtracting five apples from a bag containing only three, you end up with a bag containing minus two apples. I don’t buy either the result or such a bag of apples. As for religion, since the Universe is “all that exists,” you have to stand outside of it to create it; which sadly puts the creator out of existence. So I’ll stick to logic which children can assume.

In order to do as I plan, I will have to discard whatever fetters, sometimes even yokes, that were imposed on our minds by religion, philosophy, tradition and even science. The only condition I promise to yield to, is logic.

So sit down and try to relax; here we go.


The birth and the life of our universe, essay,
André Lefebvre, Fondation littéraire Fleur de Lys

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Président éditeur, Fondation littéraire Fleur de Lys

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